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Looking back at the past

I don’t remember how old I was when my mother first taught me to cross-stitch. Probably around 7 or 8 years old, I think. I watched her stitch, and like most children, wanted to do what mama was doing, so she bought me a simple kit of my own and taught me how.

I’ve retained the love of cross-stitching from that time on. There may be periods where I don’t do very much of it, usually in favour of other crafts, but I always come back to it in the end.

The other day, I was digging through some old storaged boxes and came across some of my early works. All of them half-completed, of course, because for most of my life I had a terrible problem with starting things and never finishing them. But it’s so interesting to look back at what I did. I think the most interesting thing to note is not how much I’ve improved, but actually how much I haven’t, because in all of the pieces I found, the stitching’s clear and even.


This one’s pretty simple, and I still have the pattern for it, too, so I’ll probably end up completing it someday.


I don’t have the pattern for this one anymore, at least I don’t think so, but I’m pretty sure all that’s missing is a heart-shaped border around the words and flowers, and I can probably improvise that, if I really want to.


This, I recall, was supposed to be a Father’s Day present when I was around 11 or so. Obviously, I never finished it, and I’m pretty sure the pattern’s been lost of years. At the time, this was the most complex and detailed piece I’d worked on, and looking at it, you can see that I was careful to get it right. As I mentioned before, the stitching’s very even, everything crossing the same way, and I’m quite impressed with my younger self!

It’s fun looking back on what used to be!

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