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Japanese dinner

The other day, I decided to make some Japanese food for dinner. I didn’t get to make all that I wanted, because I was sick and couldn’t quite find all the ingredients that I needed, but what I did make turned out pretty well.


15 onigiri, stuffed with smoked salmon. The back 5 have a sprinkling of sesame seeds on them. These are the best onigiri I’ve made so far (I made some in the past), but I think they still need some improvement. I need to find a better way to balance the filling with the rice; there’s always too little of one and too much of the other!


The round things on the left are korokke, with potatoes, ground beef, and onion inside. These turned out best of all, I think, and there were a lot left over. Good thing they’re still tasty when they’re cold!

On the left, the things on sticks are tsukune, which is ground chicken on skewers. These were good, but not asgood as they could have been, because I didn’t chop the onions finely enough. At least I know for next time!


A steaming bowl of tofu miso soup. I didn’t make this from scratch, but rather it came out of a packet. It’s still good, though. I used to eat this stuff all the time shortly after high school, so the taste of it brought back many memories.

Next time, i want to try making kinpira, and maybe tamago no tarakabukuro, because they look so tasty!

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