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A friend and I found a great sale on strawberries not too long ago. 3 packages for $5. We bought 6 packages, and some pectin since I’ve always wanted to try making jam.


I used a no-cook strawberry jam recipe that was very simple, if tiring on my arms because of all the mashing and mixing. We used only thr strawberries that were started to go soft. No moldy, but a little too dark and soft to be enjoyable to eat anymore. We still have lots of strawberries left, too, to snack on and perhaps to make more jam to give to friends as gifts.

Each mason jar holds about 2 cups worth of jam, and we had a little left over so we just added it to another container for now. I suspect I’ll eat from that one first. No-cook jams don’t stay good for very long, though (about 3 weeks if you don’t freeze them), so we’ll have to eat this all up quickly or else give a jar away to other friends, so that this doesn’t go to waste.

It was a lot of fun to make, though, and I look forward to trying more jam recipes in the future!

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