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I wanted to take the time to tell people about a new website I just found, called Fiverr. If you sign up for an account, you can create a listing of something you’d be willing to do for $5. If people are interested, they can order it from you. You get $4 of the $5 charge; $1 goes to the site itself. This is a great site for promoting little crafts, I think.

I have 2 ‘gigs’ there right now. (My account is here, if anyone is curious.) The first is my offer to translate names into Japanese based on name meaning and/or personality traits. The second, which is pending review, is an offer to cross-stitch an initial and make it into a keychain. This one requires shipping, of course, and the site allows you to charge a little extra for shipping if need be. All the funds you get here go into a PayPal account.

I recommend signing up for an account if there’s a fun little craft you like to do that you think can sell for $5.

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