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Review: Sew Kawaii, by C Knight


I was privileged to receive a digital copy of Sew Kawaii from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Just looking at the cover makes me want to find some good material and get sewing, and that’s just my first impression. Based on the cover alone, this is probably a book I would pick up if I saw it in the store.

The book is a relatively thin one that starts off with a little bit of info as to just what kawaii means, not only the literal meaning but also from a cultural standpoint. A good little background for those who may not be so familiar with Japanese words and concepts. (It keeps this up by introducing Japanese words for various projects throughout the book, which is fun to see.) It also does what every craft book does and tells you a little about the types of materials you’re going to need, along with an overview of the basic skills needed to make the projects.

The projects range from easy to a little more advanced, but none of them are particularly hard to accomplish. The types of projects vary, from cute little keychain or cell phone charms to large items like character hats and scarves. Naturally, there are patterns here for cute stuffed animals, too. The book doesn’t stop at giving directions for accessories, either. There are instructions for altering clothes to make them cuter or give them animal attributes, and to make larger items of clothing.

Some of the accessories are cute but impractical. While I can imagine someone wearing a plush scarf with a cat face at an anime convention, I can’t see some of these things being used in daily life. The charms and stuffed animals, though, are both easy and make great gifts, and can be enjoyed by many people at many times. Most of the larger clothing patterns are more practical, too, while still being stylish and cute.


Not all, though. The squid dress, for example, may be cute but goes right back into the realm of something you can probably only wear at a costume party or a convention. And I dread to think about how many times those hanging tentacles could make a person trip.

It’s safe to say, though, that if you like cute things, you’ll find something in this book that you’ll really enjoy making. There are more than a couple of patterns that I have my eye on that I think are going to be very cute!

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