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Blackwork Board sampler progress #2

I haven’t done much work on the blackwork board sampler, but I’ve done enough to feel that showing it won’t bore anyone who recently read my last post about it.


Some stitch patterns I’m getting from other samplers and patterns that I’ve seen online. Others I’m making up as I go. It’s turning out to be quite pretty, and I’m getting a good idea of which patterns are easy, which look easy and yet are complicated, and which look very nice but are a real pain to actually do. The first pattern on the second line looks really nice, but it was so tedious to do even that much of that I got frustrated with it for a while, and then as soon as that square was completed, I immediately decided that the next square would be something very simple and quick.

I’m running out of embroidery floss, though. It’s surprising to note that what I have right now has taken up almost an entire skein of black floss, and I’m going to need to buy more soon in order to keep working on it. With my Enchanting Geisha cross-stitch, it can be hard to remember just how far a skein can go, because everything’s cut into pre-measured lengths, and I’m changing colours too often to really get a good idea of how much space can be covered by a certain length of thread.

And of course, it all depends on the stitch you’re using, too.

But in spite of the occasional frustrating pattern, I’m having fun with this project and look forward to working on it more.

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