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New arrivals.

August 13, 2011 2 comments

I mentioned on Thursday that I was bringing home a cat to foster from the local Animal Rescue League while they dealt with their overcrowding situation. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring home a pregnant cat.


She’s a very affectionate cat. I was told that she was probably about a week away from giving birth.

So imagine my surprise when only a few hours after getting home, she went into labour!


This is a picture of her cleaning her first-born, only moments after it came into the world.

Shortly after, there were two.


After another hour, there were three!


Then it seemed like she might be done and that three was all there were. But as it turns out, sometime between midnight and 3 in the morning, she had her fourth. Here they all are in a picture from this morning, sleeping in a soft warm pile.


We named the pregnant cat Yuki, and she’s doing just fine. She bonded with her kittens well, is moving around and eating, and is still very affectionate. She lets me touch and hold her kittens, but makes sure to keep an eye on me when I’m doing so, and I make sure not to touch them for very long. I think this might be her first litter, and she’s doing very well with them, even if she seems a little unsure about some things.


It was a miracle to be right there, helping her and giving her support, while she gave birth. If I hadn’t brought her home when I did, she would have been at the Rescue League when it happened, and I’m not sure if anybody would have been there to help her when she needed it (she had a little trouble severing one of the umbilical cords, and that had to be done for her once because otherwise she was dragging the kitten behind her when she moved). I’m very glad she came home when she did!

The kittens will stay here until they’re 8 weeks old and then will go to the Rescue League for their first shots. Then they’ll probably come home again, since they’ll still be too young to leave their mother and I have no problems with taking care of them all until they are old enough and can be adopted to other loving families.

Yesterday was certainly an exciting day!

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