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Enchanting Geisha progress #13

September 17, 2011 1 comment


It might be hard to see much difference between this progress post and the previous one, because I haven’t worked any large sections. I’ve been spending time filling in a lot of the smaller areas, little bits that only need a few stitches of a certain colour, trying to get some of those out of the way, because they’re the parts that I like the least. I like working on larger areas of colour rather than smaller fiddly ones. One area that shows clearly, though, is the tree and the blossoms of the left side of the image. I really like how that looks!

Working more and getting distracted by bumbling kittens isn’t doing much to increase my productivity, either. But I still enjoy both of those things a lot, so it isn’t terrible to give up some of my sewing time to play with cats!

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Blackwork Board sampler progress #2

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I haven’t done much work on the blackwork board sampler, but I’ve done enough to feel that showing it won’t bore anyone who recently read my last post about it.


Some stitch patterns I’m getting from other samplers and patterns that I’ve seen online. Others I’m making up as I go. It’s turning out to be quite pretty, and I’m getting a good idea of which patterns are easy, which look easy and yet are complicated, and which look very nice but are a real pain to actually do. The first pattern on the second line looks really nice, but it was so tedious to do even that much of that I got frustrated with it for a while, and then as soon as that square was completed, I immediately decided that the next square would be something very simple and quick.

I’m running out of embroidery floss, though. It’s surprising to note that what I have right now has taken up almost an entire skein of black floss, and I’m going to need to buy more soon in order to keep working on it. With my Enchanting Geisha cross-stitch, it can be hard to remember just how far a skein can go, because everything’s cut into pre-measured lengths, and I’m changing colours too often to really get a good idea of how much space can be covered by a certain length of thread.

And of course, it all depends on the stitch you’re using, too.

But in spite of the occasional frustrating pattern, I’m having fun with this project and look forward to working on it more.

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Enchanting Geisha progress #12

September 6, 2011 2 comments

I wish I could say I’ve made more progress on this than I actually have. I say that a lot about this project, though. I ought to learn to be content with whatever progress I have made instead of just wishing I’d done more.


I did do more work on her fan and face, though, with a little more colour in the kimono and a start to the blossoms, which right now just look like purple blobs in the sky. I’m a lot happier with her face now. It’s starting to look a lot more like a face and less like an invisible person wearing a mask.

A lot of my time this past week has been spent sleeping, cleaning, and preparing for my new job, which starts today. I’ve been excited about this job for months now, and I’m glad the day has finally come when I can start it! It may leave me with less time for crafting and reading and all the other things I enjoy doing, but it will allow me a greater amount of financial freedom, which is also important. Wish me luck!

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Enchanting Geisha progress #11

August 25, 2011 4 comments


As you can see, I’ve worked more on her face (which now looks less like a “Phantom of the Opera” mask and more like a Mexican wrestler mask), added some detail to the fan and the kimono, and worked on the background, starting a bit of the trunk of the cherry tree on the left side. I know now that I won’t be able to finish this by the end of August, as I had originally wanted, but I’m getting close. With any luck, maybe by the end of September is when I can call it complete.

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Blackwork Board sampler progress #1


I’ve always liked how blackwork looks, but it seems that it’s not a very popular form of embroidery. I thought that making a blackwork sampler in the style of a chess board (every second square will be filled) would be a good idea to not only get more practice with it but also to show others just how good blackwork can look.

Of course, there are many people who can do blackwork better than I can. Just looking at some of the blackwork photos on Flickr can show you that! But it’s still fun to do, and I won’t improve by not practicing, after all!

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Enchanting Geisha progress #10

August 18, 2011 7 comments


The work on her kimono seemed to be going so slowly, because at this point most of the work left to do on it consists of lots of small areas of certain colours. While I like the detail that gives, it got to be tedious, doing a few stitches then switching to a new area or a new colour, so I decided to take a bit of a break from that and start on the background.

Here you can see a little more of the sky behind her head (not much of it), and the start of the river and the hills behind her. These parts are done in half cross stitch, so they go quickly and don’t look as solid as the image of the geisha itself, which makes it look good for background colours. I’m enjoying the change of pace!

I will return to the main part of the image soon, though. Her half-finished face is starting to bother me. She looks like she’s just wearing a mask!

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Enchanting Geisha progress #9

I feel like I’ve been going so slowly with this project over the past week!


At least I have a reason for not getting as much done as I wanted to. The local Animal Rescue League has too many cats right now, and they don’t have enough space for them. They want people to adopt a new cat, or if people can’t adopt, then to foster a cat for a few months, or as long as they can, until they can get the cat population under control. So I’ve been spending time preparing to give a home to a new cat.

My cats aren’t going to be happy with this plan, but they have loving homes and always will, and by caring for another cat for a few months, I might be able to save a life. Hopefully I’ll be getting the cat either today or tomorrow. This Saturday’s post will probably have pictures of the new arrival instead of something craft-related, but I know I’m going to want to show them off so much, and I don’t even know which one will be coming home with me yet!

I hope that by next week I’ll have some better progress made on my geisha, too!

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