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A visit to the fair

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Much like when I was young, I still enjoy the Atlantic National Exhibition that occurs every year at this time. However, compared to when I was young and went for the rides and games and expensive greasy food, I now go to see the livestock displays, the handcraft competitions, the skill demonstrations.

I got a few pictures of some of the excellent handcraft entries this year. It seems that the competition is branching out in terms of what it will recognize and judge. In years past, I’ve seen 2 categories for knitted dishcloths, for example, and the one that invariably takes First Place will be a garter-stitch dishcloth in the exact pattern you can find on the ballband of any ball of dishcloth cotton. Sometimes the one that takes First Place has obvious flaws in it, bad tension or a dropped stitch here and there, while well-constructed items like sweaters with complex lace or cable patterns go unrecognized because too few people would make and submit them for consideration. It bothered me, partly because the hard work and creative talent of so many people were going unrecognized, but also because people were winning prizes for things I could have done while half-distracted by television.

But things seem to be better this year. There were more categories, and dishcloths were actually overwhelmed by lace afghans and scarves. I saw some real creativity demonstrated. Sure, I saw some things win prizes when they weren’t particularly impressive, but I think some of them won those prizes because nobody else actually submitted anything to the category, not because the judges have poor taste.

Anyway, I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted, but I did get a few, and I wanted to take a moment to show off some pieces that interested me.


This appliqued bunny quilt was adorable, very cute, and I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it in years past. Not here, at least.


This quilted wall-hanging, done in 1-inch squares, is impressive because sewing that many squares isn’t necessarily easy even if you’re not making a queen-sized quilt! I like the colours and the pattern that the quilter used, and I took the picture because I want to someday make something like this for myself.


Endulging in a bit of geekery here, I adore this nyan-cat pillow. It was even labeled “nyan cat pillow”, which impressed me almost as much as the pillow itself, since it shows that either the judge recognized it or else they didn’t just erase part of the description on the submission form. It’s very cute, and I wish I knew how to get in touch with the person who made it, because I’d love to commission one!

Next year I’ll take more pictures of the various handmade things. Next year, I also want to submit something myself. There are a few things I know I could stand a chance of winning a prize with. The homemade jams I enjoy making, one of my cross-stitch projects, perhaps a knitted lace shawl or blanket. I don`t think they have a category for woven things, but I`ve wanted to learn card-weaving for a while, and maybe if I try they might let me submit something like that.

I`d best get to work!

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Stay safe

Hurricane Irene is making itself felt in many lives right now, mine included. I’m lucky that I live where I do, so I’m really only feeling the tail end of it, but even so there’s heavy rain and warnings of high winds and thunderstorms as the day progresses. To everyone who’s weathering the blast, stay safe, and know that my thoughts are with you.

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No post today

No post today, other than this one, which I’m writing from a comfortable place. Last night I was hit with an attack of something that caused me horrible pain. I suspect the biggest reason I’m not in pain right now is because I took painkillers, which have left me feeling disoriented and dizzy. I don’t think I can take pictures or type anything very coherent at the moment.

Unless this happens again, I will post as usual on Thursday.

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I wanted to take the time to tell people about a new website I just found, called Fiverr. If you sign up for an account, you can create a listing of something you’d be willing to do for $5. If people are interested, they can order it from you. You get $4 of the $5 charge; $1 goes to the site itself. This is a great site for promoting little crafts, I think.

I have 2 ‘gigs’ there right now. (My account is here, if anyone is curious.) The first is my offer to translate names into Japanese based on name meaning and/or personality traits. The second, which is pending review, is an offer to cross-stitch an initial and make it into a keychain. This one requires shipping, of course, and the site allows you to charge a little extra for shipping if need be. All the funds you get here go into a PayPal account.

I recommend signing up for an account if there’s a fun little craft you like to do that you think can sell for $5.

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I return!

July 6, 2011 1 comment

The splint is off my hand, my finger is recovering, and soon I should be able to start crafting again! I have occupational therapy this week at the hospital, to help regain mobility, and right now my finger still aches a bit, but I’m recovery nicely, and I should be able to get back to some regular posts here soon. I’ve really missed being able to sew and knit and, well, do much of anything for myself. You’d be amazed at just what you can’t do when you’ve only got one good hand to do it all with!

Thanks, everyone, for being patient with the lack of posts here while I recover. I appreciate it. You won’t have to put up with it for too much longer, though!

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No posts for a while.

June 13, 2011 3 comments

It’s Monday. This post is scheduled in advance. By the time you read this, I will either be in surgery or will be in a lovely post-surgical drug-haze.

On Friday, I broke my finger. A minor enough injury, you think. Aha, here’s how it’s not so minor. I broke it in such a way that a fragment snapped off and actually being held away from the main bone by the ligament, and it requires me to see a reconstructive surgeon to fix it. I’ll also probably have arthritis in that finger from now on, because of where and how the break was.

I won’t be able to do anything crafty for a while as this injury heals. I’ll be lying in bed, reading a lot and trying not to think that something as relatively minor as a broken finger actually required surgery and eventually, probably physiotherapy.

I’ll see you all when I’m able to craft again!

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A wonderful birthday card

My birthday was this Tuesday, and it was a very good day! I had an interview for a new job that looks good, had lunch with my parents, and had a remarkably productive day at work. I couldn’t ask for more (except perhaps a winning lottery ticket, but I try to keep my wishes realistic)!

I wanted to show off a card that somebody got for me, which is so personalized that I couldn’t help but love it.


I don’t know if it’s handmade, but it’s lovely, and very appropriate, since I love to knit. Just seeing this card makes me want to try to make handmade cards myself someday, too.

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